Chance The Rapper has come a long way in the past five years, and taking to Twitter on Thursday (Nov. 3) he shared some of the original photography from his first project 10 Day, which dropped in April of 2012. A throwback for real, Chance wrote, "circa 2011 Photos by @NOLIS Painting by @theBreaux." The above collection of photos shows the what wound up being the 10 Day artwork, the photo eventually used, a few others from the same session.

Chance as well shared some insight on the Acid Rap cover art, that project drooping almost a year to the date after 10 Day. Below, someone asks Chance about a necklace he's wearing in a picture that looks exactly like the Acid Rap cover, Chano saying the artwork used the photo as inspiration and source. "The first one is a photo by @theBreaux the second is a painting by @theBreaux," he wrote.

Since the release of his Coloring Book album in May, it’s been a non-stop whirlwind for Chance who has performed at the ESPYs, attended President Obama’s final state dinner at the White House, starred in a pair of Kit Kat commercials and grabbed himself a number of awards and accolades. Check Chance's tweets above and below, with 2016 being the year he sky rocketed from industry darling to household name. The reflection on Thursday though shows he hasn't forgotten where and how it all started.

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