In his first official sit down interview with DJ Semtex, Chance The Rapper opens up about the first time he started writing music, why he fears Donald Trump, and how he's working on his first official debut studio album. You can watch the entire half-hour interview above.

Initially, he talks about being inspired to write poetry at a young age after seeing Def Poetry Jam on TV. He eventually saw the video for Kanye West's "Through the Wire" and felt motivated to start making rap music. He even reveals that Jaden Smith was the person who introduced Chance to Kanye at Made in America. Apparently Kanye helped "a little bit" on Surf.

Chance also goes into detail about working on "Ultra Lightbeam" with Kanye, saying he loves listening to other people's music when he's creating. So Chance turned on some gospel music—Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin and Hezekiah Walker in particular—to set the mood. "We just played gospel music so loud," he remembers. "If you know Kanye West, you understand he overdoes it in terms of sound. More speakers and subs than you've ever seen. He plays music really loud. We were shaking these room int he studio with this gospel." (Chance also threw in this little tidbit: "Kanye likes dissonance. You know, chordal dissonance. He likes minor chords and stuff that has a little pain behind it.")

Later in the conversation, they turn to politics, with Chance saying he's "scared" of Donald Trump as a young black man. "Anybody in the world who's surprised by the election of Donald Trump has been ignorant of racism," he says. Asked which rapper would be the best president, Chano picks David Banner.

Towards the end of the interview, Chance also reveals that while many people have mistaken his mixtapes for albums so far, he's now finally working on his official debut studio album.

"I think what I'm working on now is an album," says Chance. "But I think it's also in two parts. I think when I'm making music usually, I'm writing it because I want you to listen to it in the car but I'm also thinking about the day we finally meet and I get to play it for you in front of a bunch of people and we get to sing along. So in part, yeah I want to make an album. My mixtapes have been confused for albums for a long time, so it has to be something different. Something that you could consider an might not be physical, it might not be a disc or something, but an album that comes with its own live show."

Chance has been having a fantastic year. Just a couple weeks ago, his Wayne and Tity Boi collab "No Problem" hit No. 1 on urban radio. He hasn't needed a major record label to get where he's at, and chances are he never will.

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