In the wake of dropping a new music video, debuting new signature hats for the Chicago White Sox and teasing tracks off his upcoming mixtape, Chance The Rapper was the target of some negative press recently.

A New York Post writer targeted Chance in a new opinion piece this morning (April 11) in reaction to learning that the "Ultralight Beam" MC was close to being named an ambassador for the Chicago White Sox. Citing the lyrics of Chano's 2013 single "Smoke Again" as his main source of knowledge, writer Phil Mushnick proceeds to peg Chance as a negative role model for Chicago's young community. In his article, Mushnick provides some of Chance's lyrics and asks if Mayor Rahm Mayor Emanuel, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and Reverend Jesse Jackson would feel comfortable reciting his lyrics in public.

"He’s 22, unmarried with a child, grew up in suburban Chicago. His father had been a political operative for Chicago Mayor Harold Washington, then for Illinois Senator Barack Obama and now for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel." Though this description of the former XXL Freshman is factual, Mushnick then goes on to describe Chance's music as "pro forma, no-upside, can’t-expect-better-from-us, women-denigrating, blood-on-the-breeze rap.

"He’s especially fond of dope and regards young women as a sub-species in over-and-out service to his immediate libidinous whims, especially oral sex," continues Mushnick.

These words are harsh to say the least, especially since the young MC has been an outspoken advocate for ending violence in his city and keeping the youth safe. In fact, Chance has been so vocal about the subject that back in 2014, he was recognized by the Windy City's government and bestowed The Outstanding Youth of the Year Award. In November of 2015, Chance was named Chicagoan of the Year by Chicago Magazine, earning the title of "Youth Whisperer" for his commitment to his #SaveChicago initiative. Mushnick conveniently leaves those facts out.

We'll put our money on Chance not giving a shit what some New York Post writer has to say, but who knows - maybe he's writing his own "Ether" right now.

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