Update (Sept. 26, 5:15 p.m. EST):

Chance's new song now has a name—"First World Problems."

Original Story:

Chance The Rapper is back. Technically, he never left, but he hasn't dropped too much new music since releasing Coloring Book in the spring of 2016, so naturally, fans went crazy when Chano premiered a brand new song on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

With a backdrop that looks like heaven's lobby, Chano took the stage with Toronto singer/intrumentalist Daniel Caesar to perform his electric guitar-fueled new track as he spit some of his typically introspective bars. Here, he focuses on his struggle juggling the maintenance of familial relationships and the life of a rap star.

"I'm a rich excuse for a father, you just came to a toddler/She turning two, she don't need diapers, she just need her papa/I really need a break, could really use a nap/My daughter barely recognize me when I lose the hat/You go so far, you hit a point where you can't Uber back," he spits over Caesar's guitar strings. Caesar and Chano both handle the sing-song hook.

Before taking the stage to perform, Chano, who's premiered new music on The Late Show before, spoke with Colbert to discuss their Emmy Awards collaboration and his work with the Chicago Public School system. Chance also shoots down the idea of him running for mayor of the city, even though some of his fans started a petition urging him to put his name on the ballot.

During their chat, Chance told Colbert he originally intended to perform "Good Ass Kid," an unreleased track that didn't make Coloring Book, but got a call on Saturday that he couldn't do the song, so he wrote something else in a matter of days.

Check out the premiere of Chano's untitled brand new song below and peep his interview with Colbert beneath that.

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