Earlier this week, it was reported that Chance The Rapper would be sitting down with Illinois State Governor Bruce Rauner to have a candid discussion about the issues affecting Chance's home state, specifically funding for education. After the meeting with Governor Rauner has gone down today (March 3), Chance is unimpressed with their time together.

When Chance emerged from the meeting with the Governor, which lasted about 40 minutes in Gov. Rauner's offices at the James R. Thompson Center in Chicago, he seemed disgruntled with how the meeting went. News outlets asked the rapper what they'd accomplished.

"He gave me a lot of vague answers," Chance told cameras as he walked out of the meeting. "We'll see what happens. He has my personal number."

The Coloring Book star also urged publications to "do your jobs" and tell the story of how the Illinois school systems got to be so bad. In another video posted online, Chance said "The kids are on the table right now. We spoke for a second...it sounded like we were going somewhere but it sounds like it's hinged on passing other bills. I'm not a politician."

After Chance left, Gov. Rauner told DNA info reporters that he admires the rapper's passion and that Chance had pressed him to get more funding for Chicago schools.

"We agreed we are going to talk more," Rauner said. "And I hope we can come to a good solution. I'm cautiously optimistic that we can."

Chance had originally requested this meeting with the governor via Twitter the day after he had won his first three Grammy Awards at the 2017 ceremonies.

Check out what Chance had to say in his own words below.

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