Hip-hop has ran the world for decades, and there’s even more proof now. In 2017, more and more newborns are being named after famous rappers who donate their time and money to special causes.

Chicago’s Chance The Rapper has taken his mostly positive music to new heights, turning himself into a symbol of social change and activism. According to BabyCenter.com, Chance’s work with his hometown public schools and his unending support for Chicago’s children may have influenced parents to name their children after him. His efforts have earned him a 21 percent spike in children being named Chance. His unique name will become all the more common in upcoming years.

Kendrick Lamar also inspired parents to name their kids after him this year. The Compton spitter has had a career built on his desire to uncover and improve the plight of the common man, while changing the lives of millions of fans in the process. With his once-in-a-lifetime talent, appeal and donations to after-school programs in his hometown, Kendrick has won over many parents far and wide. They’ll pay him back with a 9 percent increase in newborns with his first name. However, he isn’t the only famous Cali native with a popular name.

Dr. Dre is a hip-hop veteran still making his mark on the game through his involvement with Apple Music. He’s used his money and influence to improve USC’s music program, and remained popular through his hands-on involvement with it. Dre’s name is up 40 percent amongst newborns.

Jay-Z has given back for the duration of his career, whether it was giveaways in his storied Marcy Projects, or putting his money towards social causes. Hov also went to various parts of Africa to help them attain clean water. The Brooklyn rapper (who now has two children of his own) has experienced a 3 percent increase in use of his name this year.

Staying in the Northeast, New Jersey rapper and actor Queen Latifah is also experiencing an uptick in use of her name when it comes to the kids. In addition to her acting chops and special musical abilities, she has supported LGBT rights and put in time to support the education of girls. Her selflessness has led to a 41 percent increase of children named after her.

Hip-hop will always influence people, all the way down to the namesake of their child.—Robby Seabrook III

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