Chance The Rapper and the Chicago Cubs have each brought major wins to their city this year, but the two faced off in a sense this past Friday (Dec. 2) when the Chicago Bulls took on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Chance was announced as a special guest at halftime and hurled dodgeballs at Cubs mascot Clark, with the help of Bulls mascot Benny. As the announcer points out in the above Twitter video, Chance is a Chicago White Sox fan, evidenced no better than by what used to be Chance's trademark cap.

Earlier this year, the Chicago Cubs broke a 108 year drought, beating the Cleveland Indians to win the World Series. At that same Bulls-Cavs game, which the Bulls won 111 to 105 with Rajon Rondo registering a triple-double, LeBron James and Dwayne Wade settled a World Series bet, with Bron arriving to the United Center in full Cubs uniform.

In November, THE HOOD INTERNET released a mash-up of Chance‘s “No Problem” with the Cubs theme song, “Go, Cubs, Go.” Chance tweeted out the link in support, and as Common told Seth Meyers earlier in the month, it was alright for Sox fans to root for the Cubbies. "Yes. A White Sox fan has to root for the Cubs. Even though there’s some hardcore White Sox fans who will not root for the Cubs and root against them … I’m bridging this gap," he said. "I’m about unity, and I’m from Chicago. I want to see the Cubs wins. 100 years! Come on.”

G Herbo voiced a similar stance, saying, "I’m a major White Sox fan but you know I gotta support Chicago on this one." Based on the above clip, it looks like it isn't all love between Chano and Clark the Cub, with Chance displaying a cannon for an arm and a scary level of focus.

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