On Friday night (Jan. 6), President Barack Obama hosted a farewell party at the White House, and several rappers and singers attended. Now, in several videos that Chance The Rapper posted to social media, the Chicago MC describes the events of the night.

"They wouldn’t let us bring cameras in the shit,” Chance says in the clip, which you can view above. “Just know, it was historic. It was black. It was beautiful. There was dancing. There was laughing. There was loving. There was hugs.”

The Coloring Book artist goes on to describe what went down at the White House function. The charismatic 23-year-old lists off some of his personal awards for the night.

"Straight ranks, go," Chance says. "Best dressed, your boy. Best looking? Esperanza Spalding. Strongest handshake? Dave Chappelle. Best joke? Me. Best compliment? Dave Chappelle. 'That was a good joke, Chance.' Best hug? Tom Hanks and Robert DeNiro. Best dance? Michelle Obama with the folks. Best line dance creation? Me and my mom with the electric slide. Best party ever?"

The farewell party wasn't the only time rappers have visited the White House while Barry O has been in office. Back in 2015, Folarin visited 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in DC to attend a Michelle Obama-led initiative to help college bound teens. There have been a bunch of other instances of artists going to the White House, as well.

As aforementioned, you can watch the YouTube video above.

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