Chance The Rapper sits down with Zane Lowe for an hour-long interview about the making of Coloring Book, turning down a deal from Kanye West, wanting to do a tape with Jay Electronica, fighting Universal to get guests on a free project, and a whole lot more. Trust us, you wanna hear the whole thing above.

Right off the bat, Chance tells Zane about "All We Got," the Kanye collab that opens Coloring Book. Chano recalls going over to Kanye's and watching him react to the demo before wiping the drums and playing the MPC live, right in front of everyone. He goes on to play an early demo of the song with Yeezy freestyling over it.

He goes on to play a couple more demos, like the original version of "Famous" called "Nina Chop" (which included a Chance verse that he plays) and the demo for "Waves" that sounded Chris Brown-less. Chance even says him and Kanye are trying to make Good Ass Job, but doesn't elaborate on what he means.

Later on he talks about the problems Universal gave him in putting out Coloring Book. Since he's not selling the project, but he's got guests signed to UMG on the tape, the label had an issue with that. But you heard what he said on "No Problem," and he eventually concedes that UMG helped him make the project happen.

Chance also talks about wanting to do a tape with Jay Electronica, writing two screenplays, touring around the world come September, and much more. Oh, and that Childish Gambino project he confirmed during his Reddit AMA? He says he "knows for a fact" it's coming out, but it's not done yet, and with Gambino (who Chance calls an "older brother) busy at work on his ATL TV show, they haven't gotten around to finishing it yet.

Hear the whole interview up top, and below hear Chance play the demo versions of "Waves" and "Nina Chop" a.k.a. "Famous."

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