The year of Chano continues. As if sit downs with President Obama and making Billboard history weren't enough, Chance The Rapper has added to his stellar year thus far by making his presence felt throughout Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards. Kanye West gave the young Chicagoan a shout-out during his speech before premiering his video for "Fade," and while conducting an interview after the ceremony, Chance was surprised by an unexpected guest.

In the above video, Chance says that he's coming for Drake when creeping up behind him is none other than Beyonce, who gives the rapper a hug from behind. When Chance realizes who it was, he loses his cool, saying, "Oh my god! That was her!" The interviewer is equally starstruck, Chance leaving momentarily to catch up with Auntie Yonce. "This my life," Chance says after returning.

In other Chance clips captured throughout the night, he chops it up with Jaden Smith on the red carpet, the two trend setters admiring each other's style, and dances to Future as he performs his track "F*ck Up Some Commas."

For many, the chance to attend the VMAs represents an official arrival to one of music's largest stages, but for Chance to receive personal acknowledgements from both Kanye and Beyonce it signals something far greater, that he is in rarefied company, even if he's still believing it himself. Check the interview crashing clip up above.

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