Chance The Rapper is the proud papa of a 2-year-old daughter, and just like most parents, he is always looking for ways to keep his little one entertained. He recently reached out to Twitter to get some ideas, or to possibly just get some insight into how other parents do things.

"Parents of 2 yr olds: what’s something fun you guys did together recently," he posted on Twitter Sunday (Feb. 25).

The Chicago MC got some interesting and helpful responses. "3 year old but we collected different sizes of rocks and sticks from the park and i let her bring them home, the latter made her so happy she couldn’t believe it," one person commented.

"My 2 yr old loves baking with me, and we love to do crafts," another added. "Easy, clean-ish ones. And making things out of big cardboard boxes! Robots, little houses, trains etc."

Others offered up even simpler, but also fun, options. "I feel like coloring and hide and seek are my go-to's for 2 year old hangs," someone else noted. "Also fort building and treasure hunting."

Chance's daughter Kensli was born in September 2015, but it would be a while before he shared photos of his angel with the public.

In the past, the rapper has found some interesting ways to make his little one smile, like visiting The White House, busting out some choreographed dance moves with the various dressed up TV and movie characters and participating in the Bow Wow Challenge.

Check out Chance's tweet and the responses below.


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