Chance The Rapper talked with Power 106's Cruz Show about his moment with Beyoncé at the VMAs, Lil Wayne's unexpected improvisation while performing "No Problem" on Ellen, Kanye's Saint Pablo tour and much more. You can watch the whole 28-minute clip above.

When asked about the collab project Good Ass Job with Kanye West that Chance mentioned back when he dropped Coloring Book, he says it's still a ways off, but they have at least two songs done for the album.

"I know 'Ye is working on something with Drake," says Chance. "We definitely have at least two songs I could say I know would be on Good Ass Job." He's waiting to really hunker down in the studio with 'Ye and work on the project.

In addition, he talks about being in talks with Saturday Night Live after he was the first independent artist to perform on the show last year, how he's been getting closer with his daughter, and how the stigma of being an unsigned artist is quickly evaporating.

He also tells a funny story about Swizz Beatz DJing at Beyoncé's Soul Train party a couple weeks ago.The sound man working the gig started to wind things down, but Swizzy let him know what was really good, and the party rolled on.

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