Cash Out and Lil Yachty have just delivered an entertaining new visual for "Ran Up a Check," a track they dropped this past May. You can see the new video just above.

In the video, Cash Out and his fellow Georgian are on the hunt for a come-up after they pick up a copy of Jordan Belfort's The Wolf of Wall Street. After they finish reading the notorious millionaire's autobiography, the two rappers take the next logical step: create their own drug empire.

Three weeks later, Cash Out and Yachty are living large, counting obscene amounts of money. However, like all great gangsters, the two street entrepreneurs soon draw the FBI's attention. When the Feds finally come knocking on their traphouse door, the two rappers quickly scoop up all their cash and make an escape.

There doesn't seem to be anything all that fun about drug dealing and ducking the FBI, but the "Ran Up a Check" video definitely makes it seem that way, especially considering Cash Out and Yachty manage to escape. The two don't take themselves too seriously in the video, and for Yachty, that's not too surprising. In a recent interview with the folks at Tidal, the "Wassup" rapper explained that he doesn't want to let fame get to him and that he's not particularly fond of "serious rap."

“I think the fame and success goes back to me making it so quick, I don’t feel any different,” said the red-haired rapper. “I still feel like the same kid. Like, I try to describe it, but I really don’t know how this shit happened.”

“It’s just fun, it’s not serious. I hate serious rap. It’s boring. Serious rap music puts me to sleep.”

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