It might be time for 50 Cent to pass the torch. Still riding off the success of his debut mixtape, Be Safe Tho, Brooklyn’s own Casanova releases the new video for “The Old 50,” a track paying homage to the Southside Jamaica, Queens' MC's gritty street style that Cas has ultimately made his own.

In the visual for “The Old 50,” Casanova paints a grim picture involving a set-up enforced by him and his crew. "Oh you screamin', here's some duct tape, for your face I came to your place, to put your monkey ass in your place/I dumped the body just in case, cop come searching for a trace/Disrespect I love to react to, clear the whole block with that Mac (boom boom boom)," he rhymes.

The track and video accompaniment definitely takes us back to 50's old ways before the boss days, a path Mr. "Stick & Move" is undoubtedly following.

Earlier this year, XXL featured Cas in The Break, where he told us he's compared to rappers like 50 and DMX fairly often. “I’ma be the next 50 Cent. I haven’t seen him get bullied, you know," he explained. "I know nobody’s never gonna bully me. And I’m gonna piss a lotta people off in this industry. I could see me doing everything he did and succeeding. I believe that I’m something these certain rappers are not. I’m not into being a groupie, you know. I’m not getting this dude number to ask for a feature."

Stay tuned for more music and videos from Casanova, including one for "Left, Right" featuring Chris Brown and Fabolous.

Watch "The Old 50" below, and listen to it over on Apple Music, Spotify and TIDAL.

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