Casanova takes fans back to his Be Safe Tho mixtape for a new music video. The Brooklyn rapper brings his standout cut "Stick & Move" to life with a visual directed by J.R. Saint.

The video finds Casanova stepping into the boxing ring and avoiding the cops. Amid all the chaos, the "Don't Run" rhymer still manages to unleash some intense bars.

"I keep that mother fucking stick on me/Two extra clips on me/That Swiss Army can't discharge me from this army/You bitch homie, my gun blacker than Rich Homie/Quan, think you a don//Then let me ask that question and get it wrong/I'm in your project building on your lawn/Bout to push a wig back, word to LeBron/I'm the Don Don Dada, yeah, top shotta/All I know is ski mask, squeeze fast and gun powder/My gun louder than a drum coward," Casanova raps.

Outside of the ring, Casanova intends to make a lasting impact on the rap game. The New York MC told XXL that he wants follow in the footsteps of 50 Cent.

“I’ma be the next 50 Cent," Casanova said. "I haven’t seen him get bullied, you know. I know nobody’s never gonna bully me. And I’m gonna piss a lotta people off in this industry. I could see me doing everything he did and succeeding. I believe that I’m something these certain rappers are not. I’m not into being a groupie, you know. I’m not getting this dude number to ask for a feature."

Watch Casanova's "Stick & Move" video below.

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