It's been a breakout year for Casanova who started off 2017 riding the wave of his street hit, "Don't Run." The hard body Brooklyn rapper puts a stamp on the calendar with the release of his video for his new track "Set Trippin."

It's a whole lot of gang ish going on in the White Billionz-directed visual. Nova and his crew mob deep, with red flags flailing left and right. The rapper verbally G checks imposters on the guttural offering. "Punch you in your face motherfucker I'll knock your teeth out/Every time I come through nigga I got my heat out/If you want smoke ain't nothing we gotta speak 'bout/See you with that red flag on what that be bout?" he rhymes aggressively on the chorus of the Pushkeyz Beats-produced track.

The BK bully has been putting in work. In March, he put out the mixtape, Be Safe Tho. He has since dropped videos for songs off the project including "Stick & Move," "The Old 50" and "Tax Letter."

A couple months back, he collabed with Chris Brown and Fabolous on the song, "Left, Right," produced by Scott Storch.

"'Don't Run' for me, it was the cheat code," he told XXL earlier this year. "Before any money was put behind it, before people even knew who I was, they knew my song. The void I'm filling in hip-hop is just the realness; the rawness. Nobody is me right now in this generation."

Watch Casanova's "Set Trippin" video below.

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