Leave it to Cardi B to have a little fun while stuntin' for the 'Gram, especially when it comes down to doing one of those guilty-pleasure viral internet challenges.

To help lighten the mood after "Bodak Yellow officially climbed its way to the No. 1 slot on the Billboard Hot 100, Cardi decided to participate in the ever-hilarious #ForTheDickChallenge. The viral internet hashtag gained momentum following New Orleans rapper GameOva Reedy sharing the original freestyle that sparked the challenge back in April, with Erykah Badu helping to give the movement a bit of a resurgence earlier this week.

Much like the title suggests, the raunchy challenge is providing a comedic outlet for people to share what extent they would go to and what they would do to get some of that good lovin', additionally inspiring the accompanying #ForThePussyChallenge.

"I kidnapped myself for that dick," Cardi raps, getting into character as her friend provides reinforcing adlibs. "Made my parents pay the ransom for that dick/I go to trial for that dick/'I ain't no snitching motherfucker it was him' for that dick."

She later closes the freestyle out with a hilarious exit, spitting, "I love my family but man Illuminati which one of my cousins you want for that dick," as her friend filming her bursts into laughter.

Cardi's take on the #ForTheDickChallenge, which has since been viewed nearly four million times, joins the likes of Erykah Badu, actress Tiffany Haddish and social media personality Amber Wagner (@jstlbby).

Check out Cardi B's version of the #ForThatDickChallenge below.

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