Cam'ron has the juice. To celebrate Valentine's Day, the Dipset leader shares a video of him and his girlfriend Juju busting some hilarious dance moves.

In the clip (which can be viewed below), Killa Cam and Juju hit their living room floor for a choreographed dance to the tune of The Four Season’s classic song “December 1963 (Oh What A Night).” Their moves are low-key impressive, as they run through the famous Kid-N-Play dance as well as their own unique handshakes.

But Cam and Juju turn things up a notch when Uncle Luke's "Doo-Doo Brown" comes on. They immediately take off their shirts and, well, you'll just have to press play to see what happens next.

In the caption of his Instagram post, Cam'ron says he was feeling like a young John Travolta/Uncle Luke, and the Purple Haze rapper's dance moves certainly lived up to the hype. Usually known for his skills behind the mic, Cam proves that he has some talent on the dance floor, as well.

In other Cam'ron-related news, the Diplomats frontman recently went on Instagram Live and explained his side of the story when it comes to the Jim Jones beef. Cam says, “[Jim Jones] was not my muscle. He was my man. He was my hypeman... We didn’t grow up together. We got cool at 20 years old. Jim never had the guns, B... I had the guns. Google it.”

Check out Killa's ill dance moves below courtesy of his official IG account.

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