Cali Swag District has apparently found themselves out of more than $200,000 worth of royalties, and according to TMZ, the West Coast rap group believes that MC Hammer's brother Louis Burrell is to blame. Even though they believe Burrell had a large part to do with them not getting their money, the "Teach Me How to Dougie" rappers tell TMZ that they plan to go after BMI instead of him. You can hear everything Cali Swag District has to say about the matter above.

The Cali group believes Burrell and BMI pulled the wool over their eyes years ago, when they were young and vulnerable up-and-comers. "MC Hammer's brother, I guess he was working with someone at BMI when we signed with them, and all the royalties were sent to him, through like a wire," one member explains. "We paid all that money back but never received it, you feel me? He did what he did with it, and their inside plug made it so that his wire went straight to him," he continued.

Burrell tells TMZ that he doesn't "owe any money to Cali Swag District. If they have an issue with BMI, resolve it with them." Yung says that's exactly what they plan to do. "So instead of suing everybody individually, you know, we got to go straight to BMI," he says. "We trusted them." "If Cali Swag District's accusations are correct, they've found themselves in a financial struggle that veteran artists have retroactive nightmares about. Towards the end of their interview, the group offers youngins some tips about breaking into the music industry, and not too surprisingly, the tips involve reading the fine print.

"Read the contracts, stay on top of all of your business," they say. "Don't let nobody run your business without you, read everything."

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