Caleb Brown continues to make his mark on the game with thought-provoking videos and the release of his new visual for "BatonStan Pt. 3" today (March 23) is proof he's got a story to tell.

Directed by Juwan Lee, the video kicks off with Brown and his crew getting ready for a drive-by shooting, as the rapper details what his environment is like—a war zone similar to Afghanistan, which inspired the song's title. Similar to his previous tracks, Caleb also deals with his own emotions in the video as he spits about giving up.

"I was in the bricks for way too long and you ain't send me nothin'/Thought that we was homies, you just tryna make me broke or somethin'/Nigga, please, I wrote them songs myself and you ain't write me nothin'/Yeah, we grew like brothers but you leechin', I don't owe you nothin'/Make sure that your kid was always fed and never want for nothin'," he rhymes.

The visual culminates with the drive-by occurring, as the rapper and his crew pull up on two people and unload shots. The rapper eventually hops out the car and continues shooting at the people but pauses to reveal that one of the men he's shooting is actually himself.

According to Brown, the song's inspiration comes from his hometown of Baton Rouge, La. "The song is the third installment of the 'BatonStan' series, which is basically exactly what it says: Baton Rouge is like Afghanistan," he tells XXL. "It comes from a more personal place this time around as I’m a bit older than I was when I started the series (I was 15)."

While the song isn't featured on an album, you can find "BatonStan Pt. 3" on a playlist-like project, which you listen to below. "The song is from a slight playlisting type of situation called ‘The Social Experiment,’ which included 'bleublk' featuring Idk and 'Hangin,'" he shares. "This is the final song. The playlist is available everywhere now."

His recent set of visuals highlight mental health issues, which is very personal to Caleb Brown. In a time where many kids are coming up dealing with much of the same issues, the rapper is dedicated to serving as a voice for these kids. "Blueblk," "Hanging" and "BatonStan Pt. 3" are part of a mental health campaign with visuals that demonstrate how destructive a mind can really be.

Up next for Brown, the rapper is working on a "special project" with a "very special and influential producer." According to the rapper, the project is currently being mixed. "Excited to get it out, some of my most personal work yet," Brown states. "After that, we’re hitting the road and tappin’ in with the fans."

The project will follow the rapper's January release of his What's So Fun About Perfect EP with Jose Xavier.

Check out Caleb Brown's "BatonStan Pt. 3" video below.

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