After serving nearly five years of his life sentence for the murder of teen Steve Thomas, C-Murder is seeking another trial. The rapper, whose real name is Corey Miller states that there were irregularities during the original jury’s deliberation.

According to the Lexington Herald Leader the 43-year-old’s attorney, Rachel Conner, filed a post-conviction relief to the state of Louisiana last month that raised 10 points to support her argument that C-Murder didn’t receive a fair trial. One of her arguments is that a juror cast a guilty vote not based on evidence but because she wanted to end deliberations in order to protect another juror who bullied to convict Miller.

The former No Limit rapper also blames judge Han Liljeberg for unjust trail, claiming he forced the jury to reach a verdict after jurors said they could not decide.

Attorney Conner wrote "Mr. Miller's constitutional rights were violated and there is a reasonable possibility that the jury would have hung, causing a mistrial, but for the belief by juror Jacob that the only way to end the deliberations and protect a younger juror who would not change her vote and was being 'brutally abused' by the majority to the point of 'throwing her guts up' was to change her own vote from not guilty to guilty."

This is not the first time C-Murder has questioned his sentence. In the past four years the rapper has had his appeal rejected by both the Louisiana appeals court and Supreme Court.—Chris M. Garner