Corey “C-Murder” Miller is preparing to release a new DVD on December 11 called The Movement through Asylum Records. The Movement is a video journal that offers insight into C-Murder’s state of mind as he works on his first new album in five years and prepares for his retrial on murder charges. "I've been gone for a minute, and a lot of fans are missing me," he explains. "I felt I needed to give them some direction as to where my album is and how it's coming, because a lot of people wanna know if it's coming gutter or if I've changed. I just wanted to let them know that I've stepped my game up and I'm keeping it gutter." The DVD will also serve to introduce fans to the other artists on C-Murder’s Tru Records roster, whom the rapper says have exhibited great loyalty throughout his recent personal hardships. "Their loyalty means a lot to the label, because we're a family," he says. "I was gone a lot, and they were there thick and thin through the storm. I made a promise to myself that when I came home, we're gonna do it and we're gonna do it together. I believe in loyalty myself, and to see that actually happen means a lot to me. A lot of my fans never had a chance to meet the TRU artists or get a picture of how they look, so that's what I did with The Movement." The DVD also includes images of the rapper’s devastated hometown of New Orleans and chronicles his visit to a local community center to speak with a group of young people about making difficult decisions. The rapper also has plans to open a teenage pregnancy group home in New Orleans and is teaming up with the NFL to rebuild local parks that were damaged by Hurricane Katrina. In related news, C-Murders retrial on murder charges is scheduled to begin in February of 2008.

Watch aa trailer for The Movement below:

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