Don't expect any back and forth between C-Murder and 2 Chainz.

Earlier this week, the incarcerated C-Murder dropped a diss song directed at Chainz titled "2 Stainz" (below). On the track, Murder takes issue with 2 Chainz's use of the moniker "Tru," rapping, "I'm the realest nigga ever wore a TRU chain/This goes out to that bitch nigga 2 Chainz/You could never be me because you're too lame/I'll bop ya in the chest and make two stains."

In a somewhat surprising but savvy veteran move, 2 Chainz doesn't balk at the tough talk, instead finding flattery in the diss. Chainz posted the above video to Instagram on Tuesday (Jan. 12), saying, "Man, my partner just notified me that C-Murder has a diss song about me. That’s hard as fuck. C-Murder always been hard as fuck. Tru."

While C-Murder is presently serving a life bid in prison, 2 Chainz has turned "Tru" into a trademark catchphrase, often using it as his go-to ad-lib, and titling numerous mixtapes after it. The Atlanta rapper named his label The Real University after the slogan, and similarly named his charity organization the T.R.U. Foundation.

Whether 2 Chainz is laughing off the diss track or knows better than to get involved with C-Murder isn't immediately clear. After posting the above video to Instagram, he followed it up with a second of him singing a portion of The Stylistics' 1972 song "You Are Everything." C-Murder was convicted of second degree murder in 2003 for shooting a 16-year-old boy at a nightclub, so perhaps Chainz knows it's best to take the diss and move on. It's unlikely however, that he will stop using the "Tru" catchphrase as a result of the song.

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