Busta Rhymes has managed to stay in the game while consistently evolving his sound. The New York veteran also isn’t a slouch behind the mic, delivering a flurry of bars whenever he gets called on for a feature. Take his previous work with DJ Khaled, for example, where he shines on remixes for “Welcome To My Hood” and “All I Do Is Win.”

XXL was curious about Busta’s involvement in DJ Khaled’s seventh studio album Suffering From Success. According to him, the album is “sounding amazing” just from hearing six songs Khaled set aside for it. We asked if he recently got in the lab with the We The Best leader to work. Here's what he had to say:

"We haven’t done a song yet, but you know Khaled is my brother. He’s one of my closest friends in music. It’s kind of like you got those relationships where it never matters as long as the song sounds great. Once they send out the bat signal, you are front and center with your hand at your forehead. Like, ‘Salute, general. How do you want to do it?’ And get it done.

Khaled is one of those dudes. Q-Tip is one of those dudes. Diddy is one of those dudes. Weezy is one of those dudes. They made themselves accessible to me every time I might of needed them in the same way. So whenever Khaled is ready to go. I am ready to go. I wasn’t on the last album. My pinky ring was on his finger though. [Laughs.] Because we brothers, so whatever he need, I got him."

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