Lil B is somewhat obsessive about his ownership of the cooking dance. The Bay Area rapper has turned to cursing those who don't pay homage to him when using it, particularly Houston Rockets guard James Harden. Yesterday (Nov. 18), Lil B even took credit for the Rockets firing their head coach Kevin McHale. As XXL detailed earlier this year, the Based God's curse has evolved from a joke and gimmick into something people legitimately believe in now.

While he may be from nearby Port Arthur, Bun B proudly reps for all the Houston sports teams. The UGK member makes no secret of his fandom, so it's not surprising that he's decided to finally stand up for his Rockets. TMZ Sports spoke to the hip-hop legend, who made it known why the curse is BS in his mind.

"I've known Lil B since he was in the Pack," Bun B told TMZ. "I support him musically. But we don't buy into that because we know that Pimp C created [the cooking dance], not Lil B. We don't stand for that."

Bun B has officially called Lil B's authorship of the cooking dance into question, adding a new twist to the Lil B vs. James Harden saga. Did Lil B knowingly jack the dance from Pimp C? We'll have to wait and see how Lil B responds to Bun B's assertion.