Bun B has taken on the role of a journalist on the presidential campaign trail. The UGK member is currently on the road as he covers the 2016 presidential election for VICE. Bun B has filed four stories so far as he details his experiences in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

While Bun B might not be a journalist in the traditional sense, the man has always been an incredible storyteller. UGK fans know this from all of Bun B's memorable verses they have heard over the years. It clearly translates into his work covering the election as the Port Arthur native provides his insight on all of the madness taking place before his very eyes.

One interesting observation Bun B has comes from his time at a Donald Trump rally in South Carolina. The veteran rhymer concludes that everyone in attendance is there for a show instead of actually feeling that Trump has legitimate ways to improve life for the American people.

"As Trump takes the stage, complimenting the sportsmen who introduced him as very rich and very nice, I get it," Bun B writes. "This isn't about politics. This is about a famous person from television coming to town. This election isn't really about the issues at hand—it's a popularity contest, made for reality TV. And this dude is the Honey Boo Boo of this political pageant."

Bun B's work is attracting some attention too as he appeared on MSNBC today (Feb. 19) for an interview with Tamron Hall. If you want to hear Bun discussing Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, check out the full interview over at the MSNBC website.

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