Bryson Tiller fans got some great news yesterday (Oct. 26). The singer went on Instagram to announce that his sophomore album is almost complete.

"Album almost done," he wrote in the above post.

The Kentucky native's progress should not come as a surprise since he just dropped a new song. Without any prior warning, Bryson Tiller made his return with a track called "Let Me Explain." The record could end up being the lead single for his next album.

No release date or title have been announced, but Bryson Tiller previously hinted at She's Got My Soul as a potential title. Back in April, the singer shared that name on his Instagram. The post has since been deleted, which may mean he revealed his plans earlier than his label would have liked.

Bryson Tiller set a high bar with 2015's Trapsoul, so the follow-up will have to meet some lofty expectations. Trapsoul was certified platinum earlier this year, not long after attaining its certified gold status.

"So a few days ago, we told everyone that this album went Gold," Tiller wrote in April. "They actually told me it went Gold a month or so ago but wanted me to wait until my Radio City Show to tell people. Well.... Right after the show they surprised me and told me that T R A P S O U L is officially a Platinum Album. words cannot explain how i feel. thank you if you bought this, you changed my life."

Time will tell if Bryson Tiller can match the tremendous success of his debut. His talent makes him capable of doing it.

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