Brockhampton is one of the most interesting group of artists to hit the hip-hop scene in years. The collective, made up of Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion, JOBA, Ameer Vann, Rodney Tenor, Robert Ontenient and Dom McLennon, is gearing up to release their upcoming mixtape Saturation and has been dropping absolutely fantastic new music and videos. Their latest is "Star," a record that finds the rappers name-dropping a ton of celebrities while they ride in a caddie car around South Central L.A. 

"I might go Interstellar/I feel like Matthew McConaughey/I don't care for what they gotta say/Tony Perkis how I drop the weight/Jason Bourne with the headshot/Jason Statham with the whip game/Liam Neeson with the rescue/I go Gunnar with the leather face/Bruce Campbell with the chains/Tobin Bell with the saw/Anthony Hopkins, I'm eatin' 'em raw," raps Dom McLennon.

The video for "Star" is directed by Kevin Abstract.

Previously, Brockhampton released "Face," "Gold" and "Heat" off Saturation. The forthcoming tape follows up the group's debut mixtape, All-American Trash—a 38-minute odyssey into their world. If you haven't yet, take some time out to watch their All-American Trash Documentary. It's a fantastic look into who Brockhampton really are.

Watch "Star" below.

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