Yesterday (July 28), social media roasted Bow Wow for saying he won't vote because of his mixed heritage. BET also got in on the fun by playing old Bow Wow videos with the hashtag #WeLostMoss.

One BET fan recorded a few seconds of TV yesterday and posted the video to Instagram. Bow Wow and Mike Jone's 2006 hit "Fresh Azimiz" plays on BET, and the camera shifts to the bottom right corner of the screen, where the hashtag #WeLostMoss is expertly placed.

It's definitely a petty move from BET, but it's hard to feel bad for Shad. He pretty much asked for criticism when he posted a photo of his light-skinned father as "proof" that he doesn't have to vote come November. It just doesn't add up.

This all started when one fan asked Moss who he’s going to vote for in the presidential election, to which Moss replies, “I don’t really care because after I learned what I learned about politics I just stay away… Let down.”

A different fan weighs in, typing, “You SHOULD care, based on the fact that your ancestors died so that you could have the right to vote!” Bow Wow responds, “Man I only believe what the eyes see. I’m mixed. I don’t know what my ancestors was doing. I only know what I see!”

Bow Wow and BET have some history, as Moss used to host the iconic show 106 & Park, which went off the air in 2014. You can view the IG video above via TheShadeRoom. Keep it locked to XXL for more Bow Wow news.

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