The Boosie interviews continue to roll on and this time VladTV spoke to the Louisiana MC about his stint in jail and how his life has changed since he was declared a free man. Boosie admitted to being a drug user while in prison and wondered why he wasn't allowed to go to rehab to get the help he thought he needed.

"I was doing—getting drugs in the prison. And every day I was high," says Boosie. "I was just going through it, man. I was like ‘Damn, I’m not allowed to go to rehab? I’m a user. I like to get high. I ain’t got caught with no twenty pounds or trafficking. I got caught with four grams. I’m a user. Get me help. I’m not allowed to get help? I’m not allowed to get probation to get another chance?’ It was crazy, man…I ran across some crazy dudes. And when you in that surrounding it’s like with all those animals you tend to become somewhat like then. Or you will become prey, you know? So, I had my run-ins in prison, but just grateful I made it out.”

Now, Boosie claims a clean lifestyle that includes no drugs and a sole focus on music.

“Well, I don’t do drugs anymore,” Boosie said. “That’s what I went to jail for. Third offense marijuana and firearms. So, you know, I don’t do drugs no more. I’m more focused, man. Drugs lead to all kind of other bad consequences that come with that...All I want to do is focus on my career. And you know I don’t hang around certain people anymore. My circle’s small. I’m around positive people. But if everything is instilled in me not to get in trouble anymore...Anybody who know me you can’t bring drugs around me. You can’t bring none of this stuff around me. So, long as I keep this mentality I’mma be successful and stay out of trouble.”


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