A rapper from Alabama gets a Boosie BadAzz impersonator to rap Boosie's verse in a music video.

Rapper Features Boosie BadAzz Impersonator in Music Video

In a music video that began making its rounds on the internet Thursday (Dec. 21), a rapper named D-Aye features a Boosie BadAzz look-alike on a remix to a 2022 song by C0LDGAME called "Duckin' Smoke" featuring the real Boosie. While D-Aye's version of the video dropped on YouTube back in July, it's now reaching viral status since Boosie's imposter is seen lip-synching the Baton Rouge, La. spitter's "Duckin' Smoke" verse word for word.

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Fans React to the Boosie Imposter in D-Aye's "Duckin' Smoke" Video

Boosie BadAzz fans are having a field day in the comments section of the newly discovered "Duckin' Smoke" remix. Upon catching a glimpse of the Boopac impersonator, plenty of viewers have jokes.

"Not foosie throwing fours too," one YouTube commenter wrote accompanied by a crying laughing emoji.

Another chimed in: "WTF in the Bushwick Bill baby Boosie BadAzz is going on here?"

"They pull that s**t off with the Boosie clone," a third YouTube comment reads.

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In the two music videos below, watch the Boosie BadAzz impersonator rap Boosie's verse on "Duckin' Smoke" and compare it to C0LDGAME's original music video for the song featuring the Louisiana rhymer.

Watch the Boosie BadAzz Impersonator Rap Boosie's Verse in D-Aye's "Duckin' Smoke" Remix

Watch the Original Music Video for C0LDGAME's "Duckin' Smoke" featuring Boosie BadAzz

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