Bone Thugs—a duo composed of Bizzy Bone and Krayzie Bone–drop a sentimental new visual for "Coming Home," a track of their forthcoming New Waves album. Like the relatively new track itself, the video features Stephen Marley.

The vid sees Bizzy and Krayzie return to their stomping grounds in Cleveland. Throughout the visual, which is colored by shades of black-and-white, we see shots of the neighborhoods and highways that make up the city. Those bits of footage are interspersed with clips of thew two Bone brothers rapping in a pitch black space, with no one surrounding them. Marley pops up as well, singing from an undisclosed location.

The song is from an album called New Waves, but considering it's about longing to be home and that Bizzy and Krayzie were among the rap game's first singer-rappers, it can't help but feel a bit nostalgic. Setting things off with the first verse is Krayzie Bone, who sing-raps, "Soon I'll be coming home/Seen around the world like a rolling stone/Seen the whole world wide through my own eyes/Been a long time coming/A million miles and still running."

Bizzy himself offers up his own dose of speed-rap mastery, recognizing he and Krayzie's contribution to the rap game. "From the 'First of the Month' to the 'Ruggish Bone'/Every week that crossroads stayed on the billboard/Baby said Wayne made up the word bling/Man I should've patented my whole damn flow," he spits on the song.

You can peep the touching new visual for yourself below. New Waves is due out this summer.

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