It's been quite a long time since the world's gotten a look at Bobby Shmurda, who's been incarcerated since late 2014. Recently, new images of the Brooklyn rapper in jail surfaced online after someone snapped some images of the GS9 member during visitation in early October.

Based on the photos, it appears Shmurda's no longer the lithe 20-year-old he was going in, appearing a good bit stockier than he was a few years back. In the first photo, the 23-year-old rapper squats down posing with one of his homies. In the second, he's posing for a more traditional, standup pic with what looks like his mother.

Before being arrested, Bobby had gained national fame for his song "Hot Nigga," which earned him a record deal with Epic Records. Unfortunately, he was arrested for his gang activity a short time later.

Last year, Shmurda was sentenced to one-to-three years for conspiracy in the fourth degree and seven more years for criminal possession of a weapon. About six months ago, Shmurda was sentenced to four additional years for sneaking a shank into jail. Luckily, though, he'll serve the sentence for the shank concurrently, so it won't be added to the seven years he's already serving.

At around the same time as the shank incident, Shmurda was settling into his life behind bars, and had even started working in the prison commissary. It sounded like he was adjusting fairly well, and these new images certainly maintain that appearance

Check out the newest photos of Shmurda for yourself below.

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