BlocBoy JB can afford to keep the formula simple. In his latest video, "Woah," the Memphis phenom dons a suit and dances in his typical high-energy fashion.

Directed by Yoo Ali, the visuals go down in BlocBoy's apparent dining room, bathroom and front porch, where the rapper cycles through the "Shoot" dance and other forms of his signature gangly style, to the tune of Denaro Love's bare-bones bass-and-clap beat.

On the mic, JB leads with consciously silly punchlines ("I got the keys like Alicia"), but spares breath for sneaky runs of internal rhyme. "I'm lyrical, I load the Glock while I'm eatin' my cereal/Check out the Gucci and Louis material/You spent your backends at Superior/That's what it cost to purchase my interior," he opens the second verse.

BlocBoy explained his approach in the booth during his recent XXL Freshman Interview, attributing his sound and style to Memphis' hyperactive club culture.

"I would go to the clubs and jump in the clubs, vibe. Our club vibe was more like a jumping-in, crazy, anthem-type vibe," he said. "When I listen to the beats, I just think about dancing. Then I put it in my flow. I put the flow into the dance. ... I just ride the beat to make you jump."

"Woah" is the latest song from BlocBoy's May mixtape Simi to receive a video, following his Drake collab "Look Alive," the 21 Savage-featuring "Rover 2.0" and, of course, "Shoot," among others. You can watch it below.

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