BlocBoy JB's name has been blowing up recently. It sounds like he wants to strike while the iron is hot. Today (March 19) we learn the Memphis rapper recently revealed he plans on dropping a new project within the next month.

JB recently went to his first SXSW Festival where he made his promotional rounds and performed for curious crowds. During a break in the action, he sat down for an interview with Beats 1 Radio where he discussed his future plans.

“Only thing you can expect is to see me. It’s coming soon, real soon," he says. "I don’t know what I want to call it. It’s a project. It’s the best one, I think, so far."

BlocBoy released his debut mixtape Who Am I in 2016. The project features “No Chorus Pt. 6,” a continuous rhyme that garnered millions of views. His follow-up 2017 track "Shoot," along with his signature dance, helped pick up his buzz even more. Enough to catch the ears of Drake, who reached out to him on Instagram earlier this year. The two artists ended up linking up on the track "Look Alive" in February and his stock has been skyrocketing since.

As for his next project, expect it to drop soon. “Yeah, it’s coming real soon," he confirms. "Like in a couple...before this month or next month. Real soon.”

JB recently got a verse from 21 Savage for the track "Rover." Expect 2018 to be a breakout year for the bubbling rapper.

Check out the interview below.

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