Blac Youngsta claims Yo Gotti is the the only MC in Memphis to ever make any of the city's rappers rich. The CMG artist praised his boss while noting that other prominent artists like Three 6 Mafia and Young Dolph have not put on other rappers as much as Gotti has.

“Gotti the only nigga I know [that] gave more Memphis niggas more shots than any nigga from Memphis, including myself," Blac Youngsta says in a video below. "No lie. Three 6 Mafia ain’t made nobody rich. Dolph ain’t made nobody rich. Me, myself and I haven’t made nobody rich. Gotti the only nigga to turn niggas into millionaires."

Blac Youngsta's praise of Gotti comes a little over a month after Young Dolph dissed Gotti in their ongoing feud. Dolph recently told DJ Holiday that their longstanding beef stems from his refusal to sign with Gotti's CMG imprint. While Gotti may make people rich according to Blac Youngsta, Dolph did not see it that way.

“Sign with him for what? Hell naw it didn’t make sense,” Dolph explained. “Nope. Cocaine Musik faggots. No. That ain’t Dolph. I wouldn’t even feel right. I would feel so out of place over there with some faggots.”

Dolph said he finally decided to release a diss track because he got fed up with Gotti's sneak-dissing. Dolph said the whole situation could be put to rest if Gotti simply apologizes.

Hear Blac Youngsta's comments in the video below.

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