For the second time this year, Memphis rapper Blac Youngsta has had a police encounter that could be marked up to one huge misunderstanding, In January, he was detained by Atlanta police after withdrawing $200,000 from a Wells Fargo. Authorities later said that the rapper was misidentified as a man who had tried to forge a check for $24,000, the caller's description of that person characterized as “limited and conflicting."

Based on the above Instagram video, posted late Monday night (Sept. 26), it would seem that BY is the target of more undeserved police attention. "THESE BITCH ASS RATS PULL ME OVER IN THE MIDDLE OF SOUTH MEMPHIS TODAY AND HAD ME HOSTAGE THE WHOLE DAY FOR SHIT AND PULL ALL MY CARS WITHOUT GIVING ME A SPEEDING TICKET OR SHIT," he wrote. The video showing the rapper's car being towed. "PLUS I GAVE THEM MY DRIVING LICENSE MY INSURANCE AND ALL THE PROPER PAPERWORK TO MY CARS AND THEY STILL DID THIS SHIT."

Not much else is known about the stop, the above video mostly showing the rapper and others cursing out police and reciting the opening lyrics to his song "Lil Bitch," off his recently released Fuck Everybody mixtape. Young Thug, Quavo, YFN Lucci and Jacquees are all featured on the tape.

Peep Blac Youngsta's latest police encounter up above. We will update this story if and/or when more information becomes available.

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