It looks like Birdman is trying to recruit Slim Jesus for the Cash Money Records. Over the summer, the 18-year old rapper dropped a track and the accompanying video titled "Drill Time." The video quickly became a YouTube sensation, amassing over 16 million views as of press time. Since then the Hamilton, Ohio native has been in the center of attention. The young drill artist has received co-signs from Lil Bibby and Trae Tha Truth and even got into a confrontation with Chicago's MB Jesus. Read more information about him here.

In the video above, King Yella, an associate of Slim, is seen on a three-way call with the newcomer and Baby, as the latter tries to sell his label to the young MC.

"I wanna fuck witchu," said Birdman candidly. He adds, "I know a lot of niggas hollerin' atchu."  Slim doesn't seem to be very interested, but the Cash Money leader persists, saying he doesn't want to waste anyone's time, but that their collaboration would be a "good look." Throughout the four-minute video, Yella seems rather excited about the prospect of linking with Cash Money and says that he will talk to Slim about it further. Birdman continues with his pitch, saying, "I think I can change the way y'all livin'. I can make the shit pop off." He drops Nicki Minaj and Drake's names as selling points, boasting that he has "the biggest system in the world" in Cash Money Records. "I'm not just reppin' 'cause I'm reppin. I'm reppin cause it's real!"

Before the call ends, Lil Wayne's name gets brought up and the NOLA native takes it upon himself to speak on the rumors of Weezy leaving CM. "Wayne ain't going nowhere man," he said. "Fuck what you been hearing man. Wayne 1,000. That's my son man. He ain't going nowhere. Ain't nobody going nowhere man. That music shit don't weigh nothing man. I'm a gangsta. That's my son."

Birdman and Wayne are currently in a huge legal battle right now with the latter demanding to be released from his contract with Cash Money Records or pay him the money he's owe.

Slim Jesus probably won't be signing to any labels any time soon. He recently shared the video below on Instagram, where he's seen burning a contract. The video is captioned, "Fuck a label #IndependentMoney."

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