With his sophomore album Hall Of Fame (August 27) just a few weeks away, Big Sean has been making his rounds in the media via a handful of listening sessions for his forthcoming project. At a listening party a few nights ago, Sean took the stage to discuss his place in the game and his stature as one of the greatest MCs around. Comparing his skills to those of Drake and Jay Z's, Sean said, "Going into this album, I had the mind state of thinking, ‘Man alright, I've been on basically songs with everybody who I really respect man in the rap game. From Jay Z to Kanye to the newcomers, the new guys. And I always stand on my own.'" Citing his competitive nature, he claimed, "I’ll hop on a song with Drake and out rap him and that’s my homie. Or Jay Z. Or whoever." Sean would go on to say, "No matter who I’m on a song with, whether it’s any feature I’ve ever done, from songs like "Don’t Like" to "Clique." Whether it’s a legend or your favorite rapper, I’mma out rap they ass no matter what. And that just is what it is.” Check out the rest of his address above.