Big Sean and Jhene Aiko have announced a joint album called Twenty88 with a release date of April 1, according to Sean's tweet above complete with the cover.

Sean started all this a couple days ago when he dropped a new song called "Get My Shit Together." Then a new Twitter account called @twenty88 popped up tonight (March 27), and when both Sean and Jhene retweeted the account's videos, fans knew it was lit.

The first video is Sean and Jhene, decked out in rather splendid attire while sitting in the backseat of a roomy car, ignoring each other and looking out the window. Jhene looks, then Sean looks. Teases.

In a second video, things are a lot more ambiguous. The first shot is some sort of woman in a Halo-looking get-up maneuvering a camera, and then it's Jhene in the red wig again, possibly holding Sean's hand in a rather suggestive pose. The beat sounds crazy.

Speaking of the beat, considering they're both on Def Jam, it stands to figure that production wizard and A&R exec No I.D. might have a hand in this LP. The beat in that second clip sounds crazy, and not too far off from the "wall of sound" effect he's known for.

Either way, sounds like we'll be getting a single from Sean and Jhene soon. Peep some of the videos below to get a feel for what to expect, plus check out the song Big Sean dropped on his birthday, "Get My Shit Together."