The legacy of Big L continues to live on, and now, more than 20 years after the release of his debut album Lifestyles ov da Poor & Dangerous, the late Harlem rapper is getting his own line of merchandise.

According to a report from Billboard, Big L's estate has launched a new lifestyle site called Big L Life, which features a collection of shirts, hoodies, hats and headbands. The merch features "Big L" illustrated on the front of the products, as well as "Ebonics" and "L Corleone." All proceeds from sales will go towards after-school programs in New York City.

The website also looks to celebrate the rapper's life, featuring a biography, videos and photos of him. Songs featured on the site include Big L's famous 10-minute freestyle with a young JAY-Z and a freestyle on 88HipHop.

Known for his clever wordplay, rapid-fire flow and graphic lyrics, Big L was killed during a drive-by shooting in 1999 and only released one album in his lifetime. Following his death, posthumous albums such as The Big Picture and Return of the Devil's Son have all been released.

Last year, the rapper's accused killer was murdered. According to the NYPD, Gerard Woodley, the man long believed to have shot Big L, was shot in New York City. Sources claim Woodley was suspected of four other homicides.

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