Last week, it was announced that Big K.R.I.T.'s debut album, Live From The Underground, wouldn't be released on September 27 as initially scheduled. Instead, the Mississippi native decided to push the album back until early 2012.

“I really just wanna take out more time and work on the music, and they let me do that,” K.R.I.T. explained to

For starters, the 2011 XXL Freshman wanted more time to clear samples, a process he didn't have to go through for his previous free releases, K.R.I.T. Wuz Here and Return of 4Eva.

“With some of the samples that I chose to use, tracking down the person that owns the publishing has become a task,” he says. “It's just something I'm not quite used to dealing with.”

Beyond that, Krizzle is waiting on two very special features.

“There's two features that came up that I had the opportunity to work with," he revealed. "I ain't gonna mention who they are—they super, duper legends, put it like that. And I got some records on there that I feel like the subject matter and the content, I just needed to kind of mold it a little bit better.”

Even with the delay, though, it doesn't mean people won't be hearing from the Cinematic Music Group MC/producer.

“The single's definitely coming out very soon,” he promises. “[I] probably won't do a full blown 22-track mixtape before the album comes out, but maybe a small EP. I'm definitely gonna drop more content, but my primary focus is this album.”

“My music's gonna evolve as I get older,” he says. “I think this album is a great representation of that. It's going to be well worth [the wait]. Trust me.” —Adam Fleischer