The month of January is starting to pick up, and some surprising faces are at the forefront when it comes to new music. Chicago's Lil Durk remixed a huge song from yesteryear, and Houston rapper Maxo Kream has a song of his own that's sure to make waves.

This week, Durk put his own spin on Logic's hit song, "1-800-273-8255," titling it "1 (773) Vulture." While Logic's original track was about preventing suicides, Durk's version is about how he won't hesitate to protect himself, against anyone. He teased the song for a little while before releasing it, but the end product is a satisfying glimpse into his mindset.
"Kill his ass in the streets, we hope they don't charge us/We can't find your ass, we gon' kill your artist (On God)," Durk raps with no remorse, sharing his reality.

Heading over to the south, Maxo just released his Punken album featuring his Trippie Redd collab "Capeesh." They prove to be a grand duo, with Trippie's more out-there melodies meshing perfectly with Maxo's more abrasive delivery. Trippie has ad-lib duty for most of the song, before closing it out. Maxo also spits the tongue-twister, "Call me Maxo Biggie Poppa, catch me hoppin' out the dropper/Getting topper from a yellow model, boppin', watchin' Shottas/Toddler, crawler, baby bottle, leaning like teeter-totter/Piece of pasta, meet with mobsters."

Sahbabii jumped back on the scene with the new track, "Watery." The song is an ode to jewelry and women, two of his loves. Sonically, the song is a departure from his typical fare, driven by keys and a slower tempo. With lyrics like, "Ho, I got water like islands, bitch/
Pull up on islands on island shit/Lay up on your bitch, Allen Iverson," the Sah we all know is still here, with a more varied musical palate.

Jay Rock's star-studded "King's Dead," featuring Future, Kendrick Lamar and James Blake is also a unique turn for him. The trap-inspired beat, with its layered drums and sped up snare rolls, isn't something you'd usually catch Jay Rock on, but he certainly holds his own. Future smooths the song out, before Kendrick takes over the last minute of the song and runs wild. "I ain't gon' hold you, I ain't gon' press you, never control you/I ain't gon' front you, keep it 100, I don't know you," Jay Rock barks. "Boss like Top Dawg, bossed my life up, crossin' over/Stutter steppin', got a Hall of Fame in all my posters."

There's plenty of talent across the pond too, and England's Stormzy and Jorja Smith definitely held their country down with their new song "Let Me Down." The somber track is about never feeling as if you're enough for a romantic interest; Jorja pines for a less painful love and Stormzy reasons with, "Time is golden, time is thin/But time is rare, so we squander and that/I feel your pain when I hear your voice/So fix your tone, man, you're stronger than that."

Then we have Kali Uchis, who closes out this week's best song. Her latest, "After the Storm," features Tyler, The Creator and Bootsy Collins of Earth, Wind and Fire. The syrupy funk song is punctuated by Kali's throwback vocals, harkening back to the freer times of the 1960s. Tyler even gets into the act, rhyming with the baritone and approach of a soul singer; the Golf Wang head honcho spitting "Sun is beaming on me like headlights beaming on Bambi/Now let's pretend the street is the room/And you are a Camry," is surely a highlight.

Check out the best songs of the week below.

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