Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders announced on Wednesday (Feb. 26) that he will be holding a rally in Los Angeles on Sunday (March 1) that will feature a performance from Public Enemy.

The event will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center with doors opening at 3 p.m. and the rally starting at 5 p.m. Public Enemy’s performance shouldn’t be a surprise as the group has very often addressed politics and African-American issues in their music.

On Twitter, when 2008 Green Party vice-presidential candidate Rosa A. Clemente acknowledged that Chuck D rarely endorses a presidential candidate, the P.E. frontman replied, “I believe in reparations and a lotta issues none of these folks see-as you know Rosa. But lemme say this to those reading this..having been to 115 countries this planet is on a spin cycle. Rinsed. These political hogwashes are no longer a USA discussion-it’s a 2020 Earthizen one.”

However, some people are not happy with P.E. supporting Sanders. One fan tweeted his opposition to Sanders because the senator voted for the 1994 Crime Bill. Chuck D responded to the critic. "Jazzz I don’t expect anything,” Chuck D tweeted. “However I do know that this administration now is fit to kill something. Even if you clear to see things .....your social surroundings will have civil cataracts."

Ever since Bernie Sanders first launched his bid for president in 2016, he has been endorsed by numerous rappers including Killer Mike, T.I. and Bun B. Even Cardi B has been feeling the Bern. Back in July, when Sanders formally announced his presidential bid for 2020, Bardi sat down with the 78-year-old senator to discuss the future of America.

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