West Coast rapper and weed enthusiast Berner is on the outs with his former management team and has a hefty lawsuit to show for it.

The Big Pescado artist is apparently suing MGO, a business management consulting firm based out of California, for $1 million in damages. According to the suit, obtained by XXL, Berner enlisted the services of Adam Yorkshire to oversee his financial well-being. However, the suit claims that Yorkshire failed to "perform the most basic duties of protecting and complying with income tax reporting and payment obligations."

Berner alleges that he was not made aware of his former business manager's negligence until mid-2017, at which point he had discovered that he was facing "enormous tax penalties." The suit also notes that the offices of MGO touted themselves as a "paperless office" making it all the more difficult to verify account information if Berner were to ever face a tax audit. But, there's more.

To add insult to injury, the suit also claims that MGO had access to Berner's accounts at their disposal, and paid themselves despite not "having a written engagement letter" or providing the basic services which they were hired for.

Berner shared the details of his ordeal with fans via Instagram on Wednesday (June 13), in a video post. In the brief clip, the rapper notes that he "wouldn't feel right if he didn't share" to highlight the smoke and mirrors of the entertainment industry.

"MGO & Richman Yorkshire Management really tried fuck my life up," he captioned the post. "This is how a lot of our favorite entertainers ended up in jail. They seem to not take me serious and have been ignoring the emails before the lawsuit I just filed."

"If I had a listening party & Chief & greet in front of there office in LA would you come?" he continued. "I can’t let anyone else get played like this."

Take a look at Berner's PSA to his former business management team below.

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