Bas is back with the release of his sophomore album Too High to Riot as the Dreamville Records machine keeps rolling. The new LP is a follow-up to Bas' debut Last Winter, which dropped back in 2014. Bas' latest album also arrives just a few months after fellow Dreamville artist Cozz released his Nothin' Personal mixtape.

Too High to Riot features 12 tracks and keeps it light on the guest appearances. J. Cole, Cozz and The Hics represent the only guests featured on the LP. As for production, Bas leans heavily on the work of Ron Gilmore as the producer contributes to six of the tracks. Soundwavve, Cam O'Bi, Ogee Handz and Subdaio are among the other beat makers involved in the production.

If you are wondering how this new album differs from The Last Winter, Bas explained what the content of Too High to Riot is like an interview with VIBE.

"This album touches more on things lost than things gained,” Bas said. "This constant lifestyle we live, which is going on the road and looking back at home and noticing the changes in the world around you and the effect you have on it, but at the same time, still being a little apathetic like: What am I’m supposed to do about it? So, lets roll the next blunt, go to the next show and keep living this life."

If you happen to be in New York City and plan on picking up a physical copy of the LP, you might get lucky. The Dreamville Instagram account posted a picture showing that Bas signed a few copies of the album at Best Buy.

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