Nearly two months after delivering "Pinball II," Bas is now following up that track with a striking visual for the J. Cole-produced record.

Under the direction of Andrew Nisinson, we find the Queens lyricist facing varying degrees of adversity and violence, ranging from a domestic dispute to a potentially fatal shooting. As the short film progresses, a loose narrative depicts the rise and fall of Bas, who transcends life and death as he goes on to witness his own funeral. The end result is a stylistic blend of gritty New York realism and heightened cinematic flair.

While there's quite a lot to digest from a first look, repeated viewings are strongly advised to comprehend the varied symbolism throughout the video. Most notably, the Dreamville signee injects several religious themes into the clip—specifically the idea of reincarnation. Bas also subtly taps into his experiences growing up as a Sudanese immigrant as noted by the garb worn by his presumed healer throughout the video.

Ahead of the visual's release, the "Lit" rapper shared on Tuesday (June 5) via Twitter that there were a number of “easter eggs in the thematic sense” and openly welcomed interpretations from his over 100,000 followers.

"I’ve RT’d a bunch of you sharing truths," he wrote hours after the video's release. "Mine or your own. That’s the thrill in creating, to inspire emotions, thoughts, and conversation."

Next up for Bas is his impending performance at Dreamville Fest in September and what we hope is an upcoming album, which would serve as the the follow-up to 2016’s Too High to Riot.

Check out the “Pinball II” video below.

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