Ballout of Chief Keef's Glo Gang crew is back with his first mixtape in two years. The Chicago rapper makes his return with a project titled Life of a Glo Boy. The mixtape features 11 tracks with guest appearances by Fredo Santana, Tadoe and the aforementioned Chief Keef.

Glo Gang fans are going to have plenty of music to listen to over the next few weeks as Chief Keef recently announced a new project of his own. Last week, the "Don't Like" rapper unveiled his plans to release a mixtape called Two Zero One Seven on New Year's Day (Jan. 1).

Chief Keef previously stated his intentions to make a major comeback in 2017, so the Jan. 1 release date means he won't be wasting any time. He also called out "colored hair" rappers - presumably Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty - and said 2016 would be the end of their time on top.

“All these faggot ass niggas rapping today? Shaking they booties and all that gay ass shit? Until 2017, that’s how long they got… on my kids, on blood,” Chief Keef said.

Time will tell if Chief Keef's comeback becomes as big as he intends. Until then, fans can enjoy him on this new Ballout mixtape. Tracklist and stream are below.

Ballout's Life of a Glo Boy Tracklist

1. "Freestyle Intro"
2. "Lower" Feat. Chief Keef
3. "Affordable"
4. "Globoss" Feat. Tadoe and Fredo Santana
5. "Phantom"
6. "Boss"
7. "Everyday"
8. "At the Top"
9. "Trapper"
10. "Plug"
11. "Wheel" Feat. Chief Keef

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