Seeing those blue lights in your rear-view mirror can be a frightful situation for anyone. Two of Atlanta's dopest lyricists, B.o.B and CyHi The Prynce, link up on the former's latest track, "Scary," to spit about just how tense things can get when interacting with the police.

Bobby Ray and Cydel get deep in the topic of police harassment and brutality on the new banger, which is highlighted by a hard-hitting beat composed of trap drums and deep 808s.

B.o.B glides over the track, spelling out the current state of the country on his verse. "Twelve shoot a nigga and they tape 'em/Top news story, television station/And the price for an ad goes way up/CNN made m's off Trayvon/And Ferguson, what you got to say son/How you like this mace, huh, get up out the way punk/Freedom ain't free, nigga/Freedom ain't cheap, nigga/Freedom wouldn't ring it worked at AT&T/And I was 10 weeks overdue on the fee/I am not new to the greed," he raps.

CyHi bodies the second verse, sharing the same sentiment as his counterpart. "They don't want to see you with a Fortune 500/In a neighborhood where your mortgage 45 hundred/And the passenger seat got a 45 on it/If you grew up in the ghetto than you mortified from it/They don't want to see a Black man organize nothing," he rhymes.

B.o.B is looking to turn up in 2017, after a 2016 which saw him put out four mixtapes and a compilation project.

Will 2017 finally be the year the fresh Prynce puts out his long-awaited debut? We sure hope so.

Check out "Scary," above.

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