This past Saturday (Sept. 1), Childish Gambino dropped off his "Feels Like Summer" video, a visual that includes animated versions of artists from across the rap spectrum. One of those artists is Azealia Banks, who, just yesterday, thanked the Mr. Donald Glover for putting her in the inventive new video.

"@childishgambino you really showed the entire hiphop culture love In this video," Banks begins in the caption for her post, which includes her animated, "Feels Like Summer" counterpart in an image of the photo it appears to be based off of.

She continues, "Especially when you know how left out I feel sometime I’m so happy and honored to be included in this. Funny, people often tell me about dreams they have of me sitting up in trees. I’m delightfully intrigued by what it could mean! ❤️ this is definitely something I can show to the “Who Is Azealia Banks,” crowd. Thank you again. :)."

Other celebrities included in Gambino's epic new visual are folks like Migos, Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, Soulja Boy, Kodak Black, Drake, The Weeknd, Kanye West, Michelle Obama and more. In an interesting note, Gambino had Scott and Nicki playing with building blocks, even though Nicki has had some criticisms for Scott's Astroworld promotional tactics.

Check out Banks' Gambino thank you for yourself below. Peep the "Feels Like Summer" video beneath that.

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